The state of Kerala is now going to be the first state in India to have a public registry consisting of sex offenders.

This announcement is gaining traction after news broke of a popular film actress being sexually assaulted in a moving car in Kochi. Apart from this official announcement by the Kerala government, there have also been some significant people-led efforts to bring pressure on the central government to formulate such an initiative. On this count, there have been more than 59,000 signatures for a petition to take action against sex offenders on
This is a much-needed initiative to curb the increasing cases of violence against women, and it is interesting to see other states in the country taking it up as well.
The Governor of Kerala, P. Sathasivam, said that this initiative is taking shape in order to ensure the safety of women. In the initial sessions of the budget hearing in the Kerala assembly, he said, “To ensure deterrence, my government will set up a sex offenders’ registry, which will maintain all identification details of sex offenders. It will be kept in the public domain. A comprehensive victim relief fund and a special department for women’s safety will be formed accordingly.”

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