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National Intellectual Property Rights Policy (12-May-2016)
Creativity and innovation have been a constant in growth and development of any knowledge economy read more
Jharkhand Transit Oriented Development Policy 2016-2026 (12-May-2016)
Jharkhand Transit Oriented Development Policy 2016-2026 read more
National Geospatial Policy, 2016 (06-May-2016)
Promulgates a comprehensive "National Geospatial Policy [NGP] - 2016" to empower people through geospatial technologies. read more
Policy 2016 (05-May-201National Capital Goods6)
Capital Goods Policy of India has been put on public domain for seeking comments, views and suggestions of stakeholders/ public in general. read more
Telangana Rural Technology Centers Policy 2016 (28-Mar-2016)
Information Technology sector is transforming rapidly with the growth of sub-sectors such as Data Analytics, Gaming & Animation, Social Media etc. read more
Telangana Gaming and Animation Policy 2016 (21-Mar-2016)
Objective of this policy to Make Hyderabad the most favored destination for investment in Animation, Visual effects, Gaming & Comics sector read more
Telangana ICT Policy Framework 2016 (15-Mar-2016)
State Government has conducted a detailed benchmarking analysis of Telangana’s IT Industry with other countries, as well as with other states across India read more
Telangana Innovation Policy 2016 (30-Mar-2016)
Government of Telangana aims to continue its transformation from a paradigm of exclusive elitism to one of inclusive excellence read more
Hydrocarbon Exploration Licensing Policy (30-Mar-2016)
The objective of Exploration and Production (E&P) Policy in India is to enhance domestic oil and gas production by encouraging exploration in sedimentary basins read more
Telangana Electronics Policy 2016 (25-Mar-2016)
The vision of policy is promoting Telangana as the ideal destination for Electronics Industry through creation of sustainable ecosystem, making this industry a major contributor to employment and economy in the State read more
Manufactured Sand Policy-2016 (17-Mar-2016)
Promotion of Manufactured Sand in place of River Sand in construction activity read more
Goa State Training Policy, 2016 (10-Mar-2016)
Goa State Training Policy is to develop a training framework for the work force in institutions of governance, to instill values, attitude, competencies read more
Madhya Pradesh State Road Safety Policy 2015 (03-Mar-2016)
Road Safety being a multi sectoral and multidimensional issue, the government of Madhya Pradesh has adopted a multipronged strategy to address the issue of road safety. Our slogan is - "Road Safety for No Accidents" read more
Sports Policy of Daman & Diu (29-Feb-2016)
Objective of policy is to promote Excellence in sports and sports for majority of population of Daman & Diu with Greater emphasis on Physical Fitness (Education). read more
Global Spillovers and Monetary Policy Transmission in India (26-Feb-2016)
Global Spillovers and Monetary Policy Transmission in India read more
Challenges of Effective Monetary Policy in Emerging Economies (12-Feb-2016)
Challenges of Effective Monetary Policy in Emerging Economies read more
Sixth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2015-16 (10-Feb-2016)
Sixth Bi-monthly Monetary Policy Statement, 2015-16 read more
Draft of Maharashtra's Information Technology/Information Technology Enabled Services Policy (IT/ITES)-2015 (05-Jan-2015)
Implementing the earlier policies and based on the recent developments in IT/ITES sector an urgent need was felt to formulate a new policy to keep pace with the global developments and give a fillip to the IT/ITES industry in the State read more
Maharashtra Maritime Development Policy (04-Feb-2016)
Maharashtra has the second-largest coastline among all maritime states in India, studded with two major and 48 non-major ports read more
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