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Did Act of Shiv Sena MP contributed to violation of religious belief? - 16-Oct-2014
A shocking incident of misuse of power has come to light in national capital New Delhi where 11 Shiv Sena Members of Parliament are reported to have forced a Muslim worker to break his Ramzan fast and eat a chapatti, at the Maharashtra Sadan. The MPs were apparently dissatisfied by the fact that they had not been served Maharashtrian food. read more
New railway budget 2014-2015----The Hope of Indian Citizens - 09-Jul-2014
Major hindrances in railway system prior to announcement of railway budget. 1) Vast tracts of hinterland waiting for rail connectivity. 2) Railways expected to earn like a commercial enterprise but serve like a welfare organization. 3) Railways carry Social Service Obligation of read more
Dowry Death Laws in India - 04-Jul-2014
Dowry death in India is a gruesome and heinous crime prevalent in our country particularly. Dowry offences are a serious issue in India where more than 8,000 women are killed every year. Paying and accepting dowry is a centuries-old South Asian tradition where the bride's parents gift cash, clothes and jewellery to the groom's family. According read more
FYUP Programme issue and effects! - 26-Jun-2014
FYUP is a Four Year Undergraduate Programme proposed to be implemented in Delhi University. The proposed FYUP is the biggest, most far reaching change of curriculum in the recent (i.e., last 30-40 years) history of DU - it will replace every existing undergraduate course of study in every college and every discipline (professional courses & read more
UID Aadhar Card- and its Failure to serve the purpose - 23-Jun-2014
The UID project or popularly known as Aadhaar first took initiative back in February 2009 when the Unique Identification Authority of India was setup by the Government of India to implement the Aadhaar scheme. The agency was established under the Planning Commission. The Aadhaar project was UPA Government's one of the most ambitious projects whi read more
UNCITRAL and the Indian Act, 1996 - 20-Jun-2014
Arbitration as a concept is not new to India. In the past, this concept was followed by various means of arbitration or mediation in different forms. There typically used to be a king intervening between a dispute of two people or an official Panchayat intervening and giving their decisions. As defined by Michael McIlwrath in International A read more
Position of Governor -during the pleasure of the President or at the mercy of PM? - 19-Jun-2014
In a bid to remove the UPA government's appointees, the NDA government has been reportedly pressurizing the UPA appointed Governors of the state to vacate their office and let the newly made government's men take over. It looks like this has been increasingly becoming a trend. The NDA government is not doing something new, rather it's jus read more
Maternity Benefit Act - 13-Jun-2014
Women in India are today at par with men on every front. The status of women in India has been subject to many great changes over the past few millennia. From only unpaid household work to Jobs in big offices, from taking care of kids at home to taking care of the entire nation, on every front women have walked at par with men. How important is read more
Sexual Harassment at work place - 07-Jun-2014
Sexual harassment is a form of sexual discrimination. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitute sexual harassment when this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individual's employment, unreasonably interferes with an individual's work performance, or creates read more
Need for reform in the Labor Laws - 06-Jun-2014
For the past few years, there is an increasing consensus among people that labour reforms should be brought into effect. There have been recommendations by the government to reform labour laws and to bring in more flexibility in the industry. The main issue has been slow employment growth despite increasing GDP growth termed as 'jobless growth'. read more
Protection of Environment under Criminal Law in India - 05-Jun-2014
The protection of the environment in recent years has taken up an important position. Anyone who does an Act which harms the environment and causes any such damage could be punished under various laws in India. Many status are enacted which specifically deal with the protection of various aspects of environment and wild life and provide for puni read more
Protection of Environment : Article 48A and 51A (g) - 05-Jun-2014
The Stockholm Declaration was adopted by the UN General Assembly on 15 December 1972, which designated June 5 as the World Environment Day. All the countries are required to reaffirm on that day their pledge to conserve and improve the environment. This applies to all of us. Mrs. Indira Gandhi, the-then Prime Minister of India had partici read more
Analysis of Section 4 of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 by Advocate Manjula Ansari - 12-May-2014
Section 4 of the Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 The dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939 is an Act to consolidate and clarify the provisions of Muslim law relating to suits for dissolution of marriage by women married under Muslim law and to remove doubts as to the effect of the renunciation of Islam by a mar read more
Implementation of Budget Announcements
Click here to view the pdf file read more
Maharashtra Budget Highlight 2014-2015
Highlights of Union Budget for Financial Year 2014-2015 (17-Feb-2014)
HIGHLIGHTS OF UNION BUDGET FOR FINANCIAL YEAR 2014-2015 Interim Budget FY 2014-15 has been presented by Finance Minister P. Chidambaram before Loksabha. Cabinet has approved the budget. Final Union Budget will be submitted by the new Government in the month of June/July. Some highlights of the budget are as follows: read more
Highlights of the Railway Budget (2014-2015)
HIGHLIGHTS OF RAILWAY BUDGET 2014-2015 New Services: Introducing Seventeen Premium Trains Starting Thirty Nine Express Trains Ten Passenger trains Four MEMU Three DEMU Extensions of trains- 14705/14706 read more
Salient Features of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2013- By Official Researcher, Legal Pundits (20-Sep-2013)
The Bill proposes to regulate transactions in the real estate sector and is in pursuance of the powers under Entries 6, 7 and 46 of the Concurrent List of the Constitution,which deals with Transfer of Property, Registration of Deeds and Documents, and Contracts. The Bill will bring about standardization in the sector leading to healthy an read more
Question And Answers On Taxation On Sale/ Surrender Of Tenancy Rights In Residential Building- By Mr. Vimal Punmiya, Adv. & C.A (19-Aug-2013)
Question And Answers On Taxation On Sale/ Surrender Of Tenancy Rights In Residential Building Q.1. Is pagdi official now? Ans: Yes. The Maharashtra Rent Control Act,1999 has legalised the receiving of any payment of pagdi. Q.2. read more
The Latest Municipal Policy on Property Taxes - By Vimal Punmiya, Adv. & C.A (27-Jun-2013)
Highlights: 1. New System of Property Taxes will be applicable with effect from 01.04.2010. in the present system, the property tax is based on Rateable Value fixed at the time when the building receives its occupation certificate and the same does not changes till the building is re-developed read more
Service Tax Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Rules, 2013- "Amnesty Scheme"- By Vimal Punmiya, Adv. & C.A (17-Jun-2013)
What is the scheme all about? The 'Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme', which came into force after passage of finance Bill on may10, can be availed by a service tax defaulter by this year end. VCES grants immunity from interest, penalty and other proceedings under the Finance Act,1994 provided a trut read more
Revised Rates of Levy of Securities Transaction Tax (STT) With Effect from 1st June, 2013
The Presidential Assent for the Finance Act 2013 has been received on 10 May 2013. The revised rates of levy of Securities Transaction Tax (STT) with effect from 1st June, 2013 are as below:- Sr. No. read more
The Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Bill, 2013- By Mohitrao J. Jadhav, Senior Legal Advisor, (10-Jun-2013)
THE REAL ESTATE (REGULATION & DEVELOPMENT) BILL, 2013 want to establish the Real Estate Regulatory Authority for regulation and planned development in the real estate sector and to ensure sale of immovable properties in an efficient and transparent manner and to protect the interest of consumers in the real estate sector and establish an App read more
"National Food Security Bill, 2013"- By Mohitrao J. Jadhav, Senior Legal Advisor, (10-Jun-2013)
The 15th Lok Sabha is more eager to pass the "National Food Security Bill, 2013" and want to make it as Act in best possible. However if it passed by this year then it will be called as "The National Food Security Act, 2013" but the major question is whether it will be passed by this government and before the Mega Election of 2014 at National le read more
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