Document Date: 01-Apr-2017



No.: F.4(1)FD/Ex/2017-Part-I

Jaipur, Dated: 1st April, 2017


In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (2) of section 71 of the Rajasthan Excise Act, 1950 (Act No. II of 1950), the State Government being of the opinion that reasonable grounds exist for doing so, hereby exempts the licencees of country liquor groups who deposited excise duty more than 105% of the monthly Exclusive Privilege Amount installment and got issued of country liquor from godown of the Rajasthan State Ganganagar Sugar Mills Limited (RSGSM Ltd.) in any particular month, from payment of 10% of excise duty on the quantity of the country liquor issued in excess of 105% of the quantity of country liquor to be lifted towards fulfillment of monthly Exclusive Privilege Amount installment during the year 2016-17 and 2017-18.

By order of the Governor, 05/2017-18

(Hardyesh Killihkr Juneja)

Jt. Secretary to the Government

Copy forwarded to the following for information & necessary action:

  1. Superintendent, Government Central Press, Jaipur for publication of this notification in part 4(c) Part II of extraordinary Gazette. 15 copies of the Gazette may please be sent to Excise Commissioner, Rajasthan, Udaipur with the bill and 5 copies of Gazette may please be sent to this department.
  2. Accountant General, Rajasthan, Jaipur.
  3. Commissioner, Excisc Department, Rajasthan, Udaipur.
  4. PS to Principal Secretary, Finance Department.
  5. BS to Secretary, Finance (Revenue) Department.
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