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Criminal proceedings got quashed against the rape culprit who got married to the victim
The High Court of Gauhati quashes criminal proceedings against a rape accused later marrying the victim. read more
UGC on stopping of ragging
The Ministry of Human Resources Development gave Rs. 5 crore in the financial year 2015-16 for Media Campaign to University Grants Commission to create a publicity campaign against ragging in Higher E read more
Bombay HC refuses quashing FIR in a Rape case
The Bombay High Court has refused to quash criminal proceedings against a man marrying a lady. read more
Railways to pay for death or injury happened due to travelling on the train roof, says SC
The Supreme Court noted that the Railways must pay for the death or injury happened due to travelling on the train roof. read more
SC: No private bus operator can operate his vehicle in any place of a notified area/route unless authorized
The Supreme Court held that no private bus operator can run his vehicle in any place of a notified area/route unless the bus operator is authorized so to do by the scheme itself. read more
Madras HC: Cultural programmes allowed in Temple Festivals but with conditions
Madras High Court has allowed petitions asking for a permission to organize Cultural shows in Temple Festivals. read more
SC: “Inclusive of all taxes” statement should not be taken as an admission that the respondent had charged sales tax
The Supreme Court held that the line on the packaged product saying ‘inclusive of all taxes’ means all taxes which were leviable, were included in the price put up. read more
SC on a PIL seeking Guidelines to observe and thereby control the ill effects of radiation emitting via cell phones and towers
The Supreme Court issued a notice to the Ministry of Telecom and Broadcasting, Okhla Industrial Development Authority, Noida and Indus Towers Ltd in a Public Interest Litigation filed by a doctor. read more

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