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Women can enter Haji Ali Durgah at par with men, says Bombay HC
The Bombay High Court declared that women can enter the inner sanctum of Haji Ali Durgah, Mumbai. read more
Supreme Court ordered the husband to face trial once again for observing bigamy
A case came before the Supreme Court wherein a woman took her complain to the instant court against her husband who was doing a bigamous act and the wife succeeded in making her husband see the crimi read more
Delhi HC: The act of cruelty that happened in the past cannot be a ground for divorce in the case of the cruelty unless they are supported by later cruelty actions
The Delhi High Court agreed with the Family Court and dismissed the appellant’s appeal noting that by resuming cohabitation if the spouse claiming to be the target of cruelty pardons read more
SC: Compensation is not available in cases wherein theft occurred without violence
The Supreme Court stated that a person or any organization won’t get compensation even if the goods were insured goods in case the theft took place without violence. read more
Patna HC says that under S. 372 of CrPC, the deceased’s cousin cannot file an appeal.
The Patna High Court noted that the deceased’s cousin cannot be an aggrieved party. read more

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