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Labour laws

Labour laws form a body of law that governs and dictates the rights and responsibilities of both the workers and their employing entities, trade unions and the Government.It also specifies the remedies available in case of unfair dismissal from work by the employer.

Taxation laws

Taxation laws define Trusts and Estates, and cover rules and policies for the Tax Process. Taxation laws govern the charges levied on estates, property , licenses, incomes, transactions and more by the Government.

Business laws

All norms and rules related to starting, buying, running, managing and closing or selling a Business Enterprise are grouped under Business law. If you want to form and run a business, Business Law dictates how you go about it.

Corporate laws

Corporate Law encompasses laws related to Companies limited by guarantee and business associations, which can include trusts, pension funds and partnerships.It details how shareholders, directors, employees, creditors and the Government work towards managing a company


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